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Meet The Team


Dr. Pradnya Phadke

B.O.Th, M.O.Th - Neurosciences, Fellowship in Stroke Rehabilitation, Certified in Antenatal & Post natal care, Certified in Physical agent modalities.


Dr. Saurabh Phadke


B.O.Th, M.O.Th - Musculoskeletal Sciences, Fellowship in Sports Rehab, Sports Nutrition & Diet Specialist, Weight Management Specialist, Fellowship in Integrated Manual Therapy

Visiting Consultant

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Visiting Consultants

Ms. Asra Parkar - Speech Language pathologist & Audiologist. (Every Friday between 5 to 7 pm)

Mrs. Hema Chawla - Orthotist & Prosthetist (On appointment basis)

Mrs. Sushila Sharangdhar - Nutritionist (On appointment basis)

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